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Policy Paper

The Euro-Mediterranean Energy Community


Authors: Alfonso Iozzo - Antonio Mosconi
Date: October 2011

Addendum - Umberto Quadrino,Europe and Northern Africa: a prospective alliance in the field of energy sources


The radical transformations taking place in the southern Mediterranean countries are a challenge for the European Union (EU) which, just over twenty years from the collapse of the Soviet bloc, is now being called upon to redesign its profile in international relations.
Europe has the main responsibility in the Mediterranean and in its connections with the Middle-East and Sub-Saharan Africa but as is impossible to enlarge the EU towards countries on the southern shores of the Mediterranean – as was done for Eastern Europe -only a strong, structured and legislated policy of association can achieve the objective of stabilising the area.
It is necessary to embark on a process for truly integrating the two shores of the Mediterranean and, together with the goal a common market of industrial products, it is imperative to focus attention on the agriculture and thr energy which is the resource that northern African countries could bring to the shared endeavour.
Following the Monnet example of the European Coal and Steel Community the objective must be to create a Euro-Mediterranean energy community, in a context of developing democracy, particularly by the control of a common parliamentary Assembly.
A possible evolution of the European Atomic Energy Community whose treaty, with the appropriate adjustments starting obviously with the name and with the extending to all forms of energy, could pave the way to the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Community proposal.

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