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Research areas

A research centre focused on federalism has a unique position among Italian research institutes, which is, however, in line with other similar centres at international level. Our main areas of interest are the study of the distribution and balance of powers and responsibilities and resources in regional as well as multi-level governance settings, something which is typical of many contemporary states and areas. 

The Centre for Studies on Federalism (CSF) has increasingly focused its activities on a limited number of areas of research and action, further exploring some key issues at the domestic, European and supranational level. The programme for 2017 centres around four areas: 

  • Internal Federalism;
  • Economy and Development;
  • Security and Defence;
  • Governance of Globalisation;

These are interdependent, interdisciplinary as well as multi-level areas, as shown in the following pages from the 2017 Programme Guidelines, which were approved by the founding members of the CSF on October 27th, 2016. 

For an overview of the CSF’s projects and activities, please see (in Italian): 

Linee programmatiche 2017

Rapporto sull’attività 2015