Next Generation Africa: Opportunities and Challenges of a New Instrument Reallocating European SDRs to the African Continent

Gabriele Casano

January 2022

This paper forms part of a broader debate on alternative uses of SDRs following the recent General Allocation of August 2021. We intend to highlight the fundamental aspects that a potential reallocation of resources from European states to Africa might entail, both in terms of supporting the development of the African continent through the definition of a ‘Next Generation Africa’, and in terms of a substantial change in the paradigm of the use of SDRs, but also in terms of political and economic strategy for the EU and the AU as key regional actors in their respective continents and at the international level.  The objective of the research is to highlight which actors are most relevant in defining both the mechanism for reallocating SDRs from European states to the African Continent, and in the design, management, and supervision of an ambitious development plan such as ‘Next Generation Africa’. Through this analysis, it will then be possible to define a political strategy capable of bringing this ambitious and far-sighted long-term development project, which both Europe and Africa need, into the heart of the political debate.

Keywords: Africa, Europe, Special Drawing Rights, Development

Gabriele Casano is a PhD Student in ‘Security, Risk and Vulnerability’ at the University of Genoa and he is the Supervisor of the ‘Internship Research Project’ at the Einstein Center for International Studies in Turin.

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Paper prepared within the initiatives of the project “For a European Union - African Union Plan on the New Allocation of the IMF’s SDRs”, coordinated by the Centro Studi sul Federalismo (CSF) with the Robert Triffin International Foundation (RTI) and the Centre Studies on European and Global Governance (CesUE), admitted to the funding by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.  


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