Federalism: National, European and Global Perspectives

Federalism: National, European and Global Perspectives
Winning the challenge of identity, democratic governance and interdependence


Milan, 9-11 March 2018
Spazio Cairoli, Vicolo S. Giovanni Sul Muro, 5

The international seminar “Federalism: national, European and global perspectives - Winning the challenge of identity, democratic governance and interdependence” is the 2018 edition of the yearly training event organised in cooperation between JEF and UEF; this year it will focus on federalism, in its national, European and global dimensions, exploring the challenges facing and the opportunities offered by modern federalism at all level of government in contemporary societies.
The seminar will gather ca 70 international participants and ca 30 participants from Italy.
Participants will come from different countries and different ages and background, mainly people interested in European affairs and the perspective of federalism at all levels of governance.
Through a combination of conferences, moderated panel debates and interactive working groups, the seminar will cover a wide range of aspects of federalism, from its theoretical foundations to its actual application in response to the most pressing issues in our societies at the national, European and global levels. Speakers will come from the world of academia, civil society, administration and politics from different countries.


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