Taxation and green growth: the role of carbon pricing


 Alberto Majocchi

October 2023

The use of economic instruments in the management of environmental policy has been greatly strengthened when the seriousness of the problems related to climate change - which derive from an excessive use of fossil fuels globally - clearly emerged. And the most appropriate tool has been
identified in the setting of a price for the use of these energy sources, in such a way that through the functioning of the market the effects of the regulations implemented by various countries could be reinforced. At the beginning of 2023,
taking into account the effects of the COVID19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this is a particular important and pivotal time to consider the role of environmental
taxation. [...]

Text already published as Foreword to the book Taxation and the Green Growth Challenge, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023 (eds. Alberto Comelli, Janet E. Milne, Mikael Skou Andersen and Hope Ashiabor):
We thank the publisher for the kind permission to reproduce it.

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